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    Our Rathaus beers on tap

    Naturally cloudy Rathaus beer

    Our house beer is unfiltered – also called “Zwickelbier” or “Kellerbier”. Bright golden yellow, sparkling, with a light fruity hop flavour. The tanginess and lightness of this beer make it a joy to drink. 12% original wort, 5% ABV.
    small 2dl 4.70
    medium 3dl 5.50
    large 5dl 8.00


    Rathaus beer specialities

    Depending on the season, we brew special beers like for example a wheat beer, a Christmas beer or a March beer. Ask our staff for more information about the current special beer.
    small 2.5dl 5.50
    medium 3dl 6.00
    large 5dl 8.50


    Beer pitcher to enjoy together

    Beer pitcher 1.5 litre Rathaus beer unfiltered 23.00
    Beer pitcher 1.5 litre Rathaus special beer 25.00


    Keg tapping – for a big round!

    15 litre wooden barrel with Rathaus beer unfiltered 180.00


    «Take away» Rathaus beers and culture to enjoy at home

    2 litre beer bottle to take away
    «Take away» Rathaus beer unfiltered inclusive bottle            34.00
    «Take away» Rathaus special beer inclusive bottle 36.00
    with the convenient wooden box to carry additionally 16.00
    «Take away» 2 litre Rathaus beer unfiltered 16.00
    «Take away» 2 litre Rathaus special beer 18.00
    15 litre wooden barrel Rathaus beer unfiltered
    Including a special brazen tap
    *50% is custody and will be refunded after returning in proper form.

    Rathaus beer glasses

    Sommelier Kelch 2.5dl 8.50
    Sauerland Seidel  3dl / 5dl 8.00 / 9.00
    Wheat beer glass Linderhof  3dl / 5dl 8.00 / 9.00

    We are not authorized to sell our Rathaus beers to anyone under 16 years. All prices in Swiss Francs including VAT.