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    Small but mighty: our wine list

    Sparkling wine by the glass

    IT / Veneto «Cüpli» Prosecco DOC Treviso, Extra dry 10cl 8.00 75cl 56.00


    White wine by the glass

    CH / Ticino Bianco del Ticino, Carlo Tamborini 10cl 8.00 100cl 72.00
    CH / Wallis Johannisberg «Promesse de Typicité», Julien Fournier 10cl 7.50 75cl 52.50
    IT / Puglia Fiano, Li Veli 10cl 8.00 75cl 56.00
    ES / Rueda K-Naia, Bodega Naia 10cl 7.50 75cl 52.50


    Red wine by the glass

    CH / Ticino Rosso del Ticino, Carlo Tamborini 10cl 8.00 100cl 72.00
    IT / Puglia Salice Salentino «Passamante», Li Veli 10cl 8.00 75cl 56.00
    ES / Toro Tempranillo «La Romanico», Tesa la Monja 10cl 8.50 75cl 59.50


    Champagner by the bottle

    FR / Champagne Champagner Canard-Duchêne, Cuvée Léonie 75cl    89.00
    FR / Champagne Champagner Canard-Duchêne, Cuvée Léonie 3/8 Fl. 55.00


    White wine by the bottle

    CH / Lucerne Chardonnay Muskat Kerner, Weingut Südhang
    Fruity wine, gentle sweeten residual, long remembered.
    75cl 59.00
    CH / Vaud Yvorne «Clos de la George», Weingut Hammel
    Mineral bouquet, discreet fruit, pleasantly vivid.
    75cl 61.00
    CH / Bündner
    Sauvignon Blanc, Weingut Hermann
    Fresh and crisp, green fruits, exhilarating.
    75cl 71.00
    DE / Mosel Riesling Weisenstein trocken, Weingut Bastgen
    Juicy fruit, peach, apple, litchi, very minerally.
    75cl 65.00
    FR / Bourgogne Chablis «Montmains» 1er Cru, Guy Robin et Fils
    Discreet fruit, flowers, creamy, a hint of white chocolate.
    75cl 75.00


    Red wine by the bottle

    CH / Lucerne Cabernet Dorsa, Weingut Südhang
    Spicy in the nose, freshness berries, elegant on the finish.
    75cl 59.00
    CH / Bündner
    Pinot Noir Classic, Weingut Hermann
    Beautiful, luscious and easy accessible Pinot. Fruit, piquancy and freshness.
    75cl 63.00
    CH / Wallis Cornalin, Fin Bec
    Mature berries, elder, cassis, herbs, slightly animalistic.
    75cl 68.00
    CH / Ticino Castelrotto Merlot, Carlo Tamborini
    Generous and mild, dark fruit, very delicate, soft tannins.
    75cl 85.00
    AT / Carnuntum Zweigelt Classic, Weingut Netzl
    Juicy, cherrylike fruit, soft herbs, youthfully charm.
    75cl 59.00
    IT / Veneto Amarone Classico «Morar», Valentina Cubi
    Slightly dried fruits, leader and a hint of clove. Impressive!
    75cl 97.00
    IT / Toscana Belguardo Tirrenico, Mazzei
    Ruby-red, black currants, noble and self-contained.
    75cl 69.00
    Magnum 143.00
    FR / Médoc
    Château Croix de Mai
    Nice and accessible Bordeaux with 90% Merlot.
    75cl 72.00
    FR / Roussillon Occultum Lapidem, Domaine de Bila-Haut, Chapoutier
    Open hearted and relaxed, deep, dark fruit, cherry, herbs.
    75cl 64.00
    ES / Rioja La Locomotora Crianza, Uvas Felices
    Entertaining and charming Rioja, red fruits, cedarwood.
    75cl 62.00
    ES / Ribera
    del Duero
    Alzada, Montecastro
    Ribera at its best with power, elegance, perfectly balanced. WOW!
    75cl 105.00
    ES / Priorato Martinet Bru, Mas Martinet
    Wild cat! Deep, calm, with vibrant tension, cool, dark and highly aromatic fruit.

    75cl 72.00
    Magnum 149.00

    PT / Douro Po de Poeira, Quinta do Poeira
    Cassis, shale, also herbs and wort – sweeping.
    75cl 67.00

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