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    Lucerne Town Hall

    The listed town hall – a location steeped in history. Built between 1602 and 1606 in the Italian Renaissance style. Up to 1798, the year of the revolution, where the Small and Grand Councils of Lucerne convened. Today, the City Parliament holds its meetings in the venerable town hall building, whose walls are adorned with valuable paintings.

    Under the arcades facing the River Reuss: a lively market held every Tuesday and Saturday. The upper floor, formerly a corn exchange and trading hall – is now occasionally used as an exhibition venue and art gallery. The town hall's premises are part of the city’s property portfolio and can be hired for events. The wonderfully preserved Portrait Room provides a worthy setting for civil marriages and other festive occasions.

    The Rathaus Brauerei

    Built in 1998 by qualified brewing engineer Eckhard Schwöbel on the arcade floor of the town hall – and observing the preservation of historic monuments: the Rathaus Brauerei with its own restaurant.
    All our beers are brewed in copper vats on-site in the restaurant. The precious wort then flows through a 70-metre underground conduit through Lucerne’s Old Town – at the time a world first – into the fermentation and storage cellar in the Eisengasse, and since 2011 then on for another 70 metres to our partner company, the Stadtkeller in Sternenplatz. A closed circuit unique in the world.

    Gambrinus Gastronomie AG

    Gambrinus Gastronomie AG operates the Stadtkeller and the Rathaus Brauerei. Driving force: Eckhard Schwöbel. Eckhard Schwöbel studied brewing in Munich. From 1972 to 2001, he headed B. Braun Medical Ltd. in Sempach, Switzerland. He made a name for himself in 1998 when he established the Rathaus Brauerei. And when he bought the Stadtkeller in 2009, he was voted the local radio listeners' favourite personality. In 2016, Eckhard Schwöbel founded Gambrinus Gastronomie AG with his two daughters, Julia and Anne-Kathrin Schwöbel and with the managing director Alois Keiser.

    The credo of Gambrinus Gastronomie AG is: Nurture tradition – with an eye to continuity and quality.

    At the Stadtkeller and the Rathaus Brauerei, we give preference to regional suppliers offering Swiss products wherever possible.