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    Our Rathaus beers

    Naturally cloudy Rathaus beer

    Our house beer is unfiltered – also called “Zwickelbier” or “Kellerbier”. Bright golden yellow, sparkling, with a light fruity hop flavour. The tanginess and lightness of this beer make it a joy to drink.

    100% Pilsner malt
    Tettnang hops
    12% original wort, 5% ABV


    We brew special beers according to the season:

    Christmas time

    The dark malt mixture gives our Christmas bock beer its strong, warm nut colour. Full-bodied taste. With a caramel, roasted and liquorice aroma.
    Warming and lightly smoky near the end. Just right for Advent.

    90% Munich malt
    8% caramel malt
    2% roasted malt
    17% original wort, 7.3% ABV


    Our golden yellow wheat bock beer owes its fruity aroma with a hint of sweet banana to the top-fermented yeast. Our signature beer – sparkling and full-bodied. Goes well with hearty dishes.

    60% wheat malt
    40% barley malt
    17% original wort, 7.3% ABV


    Our amber-coloured, traditional March beers or “Märzen” are brewed according to an old recipe hailing from Munich. Very drinkable and fresh thanks to its slightly malty aroma.

    100% Vienna malt
    13.5% original wort, 5.8% ABV


    A sparkling classic for hot days: our copper-gold, top-fermented wheat beer. With a banana and citrus aroma. Its distinctive fruit aroma stimulates the palate. Juicy and sparkling.

    60% wheat malt
    40% barley malt
    12.5% original wort, 5.2% ABV


    Our autumn beer – brewed with four different kinds of malt. They give this special beer its bright, red-brown colour. Prepare to be surprised.

    13% original wort, 5.5% ABV


    We are not authorized to sell our Rathaus beers to anyone under 16 years.